An Overview of the Opportunity

Manufactory are seeking to raise £3 million in total via the sale of shares, broken down into two investment rounds.

The First round is £150k for 15% valuing the company at £1m post money. We anticipate this round beginning in July

The Second round is £2.85m for 18 % valuing the company at £13m. This round will commence on conclusion of the first round.

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First Round
Investment Ask

Manufactory is seeking investment of £150,000
UK regulated STO Platform provider: Globacap
Issuer: Manufactory Research Limited
UK Company Number: 11624773
Issuers Legal counsel: GH Hopson Solicitors
Share type: Ordinary (nominal value £0.0001)
Offer Price: £1.00 per share
No. shares to be issued & allotted: 150,000
Post money valuation: £1,000,000

Shares issued as part of this capital raise will be issued in digital form on the Globacap platform. Investors participating in this offering are investing in shares, represented by a digital share that will be maintained on the Globacap platform.

The Company has applied for advanced assurance for this fundraising round under the SEIS scheme


The Manufactory whitedeck provides an in-depth presentation of the business and the opportunity and should be considered by partners and potential investors before making any decisions regarding their involvement with Manufactory. The information contained within the whitedeck is not investment advice and should not constitute nor be considered anything other than a foundation for further research.