What is an STO?
STO stands for Security Token Offer and it is effectively a regulated Digital Share.
Why are you selling shares?
We are raising capital to build the Manufactory Platform and bring the first factory online.
How much are you trying to raise?

£2.85 million

What is the price of one share?
What am I potentially investing in?
You will be buying shares in Manufactory with all associated rights.
What are my shareholder rights?
How do I invest?
Via the Globacap platform, simply follow the “Apply for shares” links on this site
Who is the issuer?
Globacap is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is a compliant platform with a successful history of delivering Digital Share Offers. Globacap is the issuer and you can see more information on their platform.
Is this regulated?
Yes by the Financial Conduct Authority.
How do I hold my shares?
Your shares will be stored on the blockchain and will be visible in your account on the Globacap platform.
Can I sell my shares?
Yes, but there are limited secondary markets at this stage
How safe is my investment?
All share purchases are high risk. Investments are not guaranteed and fall in value as well as rise, we therefore believe you should only invest for the long term (5+ years). Ultimately you could get back less than you invest. Any yields will vary over time so income is variable and not guaranteed.
What should I do before investing?
You will need to register with Globacap and pass their investor test as well as complete KYC and AML
What is Manufactory?
A revolutionary platform with wide reaching implications in the manufacturing space that drives faster, smarter, more cost effective factories.
Who are manufactories clients?
We are currently at POC stage and with the equity raise we will move to MVP and deliver the first factory prototype. We are in talks with several interested manufacturers who are looking at industry 4.0 solutions.
What is your revenue model?
Sales, Consultancy, Software Licensing, Manufacturing
Can you explain the Tech?
Sure we have lots of detailed information on the solution in our prospectus and whitedeck.
What is the offer?
Is the roadmap accurate?
We keep the roadmap up to date and will be constantly monitoring our performance.
How will the money be used?
We provide a full breakdown in the prospectus and on Globacaps platform.
Is there KYC & AML?
Absolutely all compliance is being handled by Globacap (the broker).


The Manufactory whitedeck provides an in-depth presentation of the business and the opportunity and should be considered by partners and potential investors before making any decisions regarding their involvement with Manufactory. The information contained within the whitedeck is not investment advice and should not constitute nor be considered anything other than a foundation for further research.