Why is the
Manufactory Project needed?

Every manufacturing facility must solve problems that obstruct their production activities whilst finding ways to maximise their capacity. They also have the challenge of competing in a global manufacturing industry by becoming more efficient whilst maintaining quality and reducing costs.

The issues with manufacturing today are broad and include:

  • Outdated & Unreachable Technology
  • Imperceptible Supply Chains
  • Unproductive Supply Chains
  • Automatic Manufacturing Process Control
  • Non-conformance management
  • Capacity planning
  • Machinery Health Monitoring
  • Poor Energy usage
  • Inflexible Manufacturing Systems

Industry 4.0 can provide a solution but adoption rates are low and there are significant barriers to entry.

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Executive Team

Ben Bartholomew

CEO and Founder

Russell Ranford

COO and Founder

Advisory Team

Jay Bartholomew

Manufacturing Operations Specialist

Adrian Bukowski

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

Liam Palmer

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

Tony Bartholomew

Aerospace Manufacturing Expert

Philip Dyke

IoT Specialist and DLT Developer

Jamie Lafford

Manufacturing Software Specialist

Legal & Professional

Guy Hopson


Mark Minchella


Marketing Team

Davin Broadbent

Marketing & Blockchain Expert


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