Why is the
Manufactory Project needed?

​Although you have probably never heard of them, computer numerically controlled (CNC for short) machining centres are involved in every product that is manufactured and are at the heart of the manufacturing industry.

Although CNC machines are very effective at removing metal, the work flow that enables a human to program them is not. The process can take hours to days of manual input by a highly skilled machinist to produce a correct component. Even then, it is impossible for a human to identify the optimum method to cut the metal or schedule the machine from the unlimited number of possibilities.

The non-recurring manual processes that affect manufacturing today include:

  • Generating quotations for CNC Machining
  • CNC Code generation
  • Tooling orders
  • Materials requirements planning and ordering
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Machine output monitoring

This leads to inadequacies in cost, quality and delivery of precision machined components.

Manufacturing metal parts today is not as efficient or as cost effective as it should be.

Autonomous decision making CNC machines represent an opportunity to disrupt the entire industry, significantly reducing the production costs of metal components across the globe.

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