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Manufactory is a team of senior manufacturing professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in blue chip manufacturing. This experience has provided the knowledge and insight required to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to the problems that face precision manufacturing today.

The key to solving these issues is in removing the human element from the up-front processing that is required. The CNC machines themselves are fast and effective at removing metal but the process loses efficiency due to the manual input that determines how the machines move or are scheduled.

By combining AI algorithms with the computing power now available in the cloud we will be able solve these complex issues. Add to this a high level of factory automation and we will be able to make metal components at a fraction of the cost of the rest of the market whilst providing greater levels of service.

We are creating a factory operating system that allows machines to make their own AI driven decisions. Just like Tesla’s self-driving technology but for CNC machines.